The Spanish newspaper La Región publishes the article by Paula Palomanes on the first season of the Cadernos da Limia (Limia’s Sketchbook), which closes with more than 50 portraits. Someone said the other day that the project served to tell the little stories of little people. There are no stories or little people in this cartography of the Limia. There are still many things to tell, new portraits of people whose lives are not a mere landscape decoration. At this stage of the project, I have doubts if 100 glances will be enough to inhabit the landscape of the Limia.

Born out of the necessity to inhabit a landscape that seemed barren to me, I conceived the idea of this second part of the Cadernos (notes about an absent lagoon) with the intention of mapping the human geography of the Limia.

Without trying to create a typology of illustrious characters or a gallery of characters, my intention is to draw a fresco that represents the richness of nuances and contrasts that shape the social, cultural and economic reality of Alta Limia. At the end of 2018 I began the phases of documentation, research and production, and since the beginning of 2019 I am developing the project in which I hope to work for a period of approximately two years, and which I have provisionally called “Cadernos da Limia: Civitas Limicorum”.

This is the balance of what we could call “First Season” and a tribute of gratitude to all those people who are supporting this common project.

La Region, 16th October, 2019