During this month of November my work “Twelve Pantomimes for an Actor and a Chair” participated in the festival of Arenteiro Fotográfico that is celebrated in the locality of Carballiño during the months of November and December.  The work consists of 12 staged portraits of actor Jorge de Arcos, which were taken in 2017 as part of an assignment of the course Identity and Place.

This is the text that accompanied the exhibition:

In a portrait the photographed subject stages a pose, a representation of the image he wants to project. In front of the camera we show ourselves in the way we want to be visualized. The public portrait is part of a visual strategy to consolidate our belonging to a reference group.

This theatrical character of portrait photography is the starting point of this project, which aims to explore how through gesture and the presence of a single accessory on stage, it is possible to build different characters.

The work “Twelve Pantomimes for an Actor and a Chair” is dominated by the histrionic facet of the actor Jorge de Arcos, who in front of the camera configures each of the characters, with the only support of an old chair: from the arrogance and vanity of an arrogant duke, to the sober and melancholic farewell of an ordinary man.