The technique of layering images consists of combining different images by multiple exposure in the camera, mixing layers in Photoshop or any technique that allows such a combination during shooting or developing, to obtain a new resulting image.

To begin this exercise I have resorted to a procedure similar to the one used by Idris Kahn -and without varying much from the musical matter-, making a multiple exposition in the camera of the handwritten edition of a score by Gustav Mahler (Symphony IX). The resulting image I have merged in Photoshop with an existing photograph of the composer, include within this iconic figure the text of the score.

Gustav Mahler portrait + XI Symphony

More Photoshop stacking experiments: from a series of 8 photographs taken of pianist Brais González, I composed a portrait in which I show different facial expressions during a moment of his interpretation. In order to maintain the legibility of the image I reduced the stacked layers to four, and using masks I used only the areas of interest of each image.


Brais González – During rehearsal of his “Requiem”


More interesting is the work in collaboration with the British artist Lotta Elis, who allowed me to use her paintings in combination with some landscape scenes from the Limia. As a result of which I proposed him an artistic collaboration to produce a series of landscapes intervened by her images.

Landscape intervened by Lotta Elis’ painting

These are the first 4 examples of this series. Some of them resonate with the influences of Helen Seir’s work, in which painting plays a fundamental role.

Landscape intervened by Lotta Elis’ painting series

I did some more multiple exposure experiments on the camera, but the results at the moment are not very encouraging.

The latter is an example of multiple exposure in camera and appropriation of images. Based on Robert Frank’s book, I re-photographed pairs of images from the book “The Americans”, seeking to produce new images where elements of each image will confront each other to obtain a radically new image. Of all of them, only these two have any interest.

Double Americans 


Double Americans