In recent months I have developed some “critical” activity in the local photographic environment, writing comments or reflections on exhibitions or publications that have appeared locally. I put the term in quotes, because in no case I intend to position myself critically or judge the work of others, but rather to record my personal reading of these works. In the case of the exhibitions, I am interested in investigating and reflecting on my first reading, exploring the emotions that the contemplation of the work arouses in me, before having contact with any text that the author may have included. As a method, I usually take quick notes of what is suggested -sometimes they are only short phrases, adjectives- that later I try to order in a more or less coherent discourse. I usually access the author’s text later to check the degree of approximation that my reading had with the proposal by the creator or the curator. I find an audience for this type of review in social networks.

As a result of this work, I have had the privilege of being invited to write the prologues of some photobooks that will be released recently, which has given me the opportunity to approach in depth and from a new perspective some of the works I already knew. Certainly, the dynamics of the book is very different from that of the exhibition hall. The sequence and the reception environment make the main difference. Unlike the exhibition, the book induces the viewer to search for a narrative thread in a natural way. Culturally, we are influenced by the nude-discovering scheme of the nineteenth-century novel. As for the reception environment, the book provokes a more paused and collected reception of the message.

In the coming months I hope to attend the presentation of some of these photobooks in which I have participated.