This series of images corresponds to an experiment in which I have initially used photographs from my analogical photographic archive and I am intervening them with geometric elements in Photoshop. The idea of Analogies started as the intention to explore subtle relationships of meaning between pairs of apparently different images. In some cases the relationship is obvious, as both images are on common significant planes and the finding of analogy is obvious to the viewer. In this case, for example, the Christian iconography, the projection of the shadows and the frontality of both images allows to create that link in which the spectator will be entertained looking for the analogies.

Analogías. Xinzo de Limia, 2019

With different degrees of legibility, this format is present in all the diptychs of the first series, as we see in this other image taken during a religious procession:

Analogías. Ponteareas, 2019
Vigo 2020 – Just after the COVID lockdown

Later I introduced some geometrical elements in the more anodic images of the archive -or some others that I was intentionally looking for- with the intention not so much of altering the meaning of the original image, but of provoking an emotional reaction in the viewer.  Using colored squares with carefully calculated dimensions – according to the proportions of the original image – I projected these transparencies that sought the analogies in the plane of the image itself:

Analogias. Vigo, 2019


Analogias – Luz Nocelo (Rückenfigur). Trandeiras, 2020
Analogias – Susi Delatorre, 2020

In this group are included some additional images and I allowed the entry of some images taken digitally (the least). Finally, I have included a series of animated images where the additional elements are dynamic and depend on some algorithm related to the original photography. So, for example, in the following image the steps of the stairs that ascend find their analog in the binary series of numbers that ascend from 0 to 8.

Or in this one that follows the mathematical pattern of a series based on the anomaly in the sequence of one of the windows in the upper row:

Analogias. Vigo, 2018
Analogias. Vigo, 2019
Analogias. Piñeira (Ourense), 2020