Thank you very much for your report on the assignment. I understand that the project in conceptual terms is practically resolved and that the only additional development for the fifth assignment would be to complete it with the 60 images that comprise the total of Sander’s work, “Face of Our Time”. However, the idea would be to complete the Instagram account with additional elements available on the platform (Stories, Music Stickers, Surveys, etc..) and probably reflect on the influence that all this paraphernalia has on the visual content that users receive. I also have the feeling that perhaps the treatment would exceed the purpose of the fifth assignment and could serve as a starting point for another critical essay.

Anyway, I understand that I can rewrite the fourth assignment by putting the focus on my initial experiments with filters and with spark AR, emphasizing the considerations for which I soon replaced the intention of building my own filters with the idea of appropriationism as an underlying mechanism of digital culture.

I am also interested in deepening -or clarifying- the issue of the idiocy or superficiality with which contents circulate in social networks. Everything is designed for quick, almost instantaneous consumption; the images try to compete for an ephemeral moment of visibility. I’m not sure if the design of this kind of tools has favoured this kind of attitudes or on the contrary if they respond to a devaluated social profile.

In relation to the blog, I still don’t have very clear the nature of the posts that you suggest in the Reflections section. Since January I’ve been feeding a parallel blog (in Spanish) where I include images from other authors and personal comments (mainly about photographic theory). Do you think it could be interesting to translate these contents and include them in this section?