The classification of memes based on photographs proposed by Limor Shifman in his article proposes three categories: Reaction Photoshop, Stock Character Macros and Photo Fads. My proposal is a hybrid between the first two categories, since it is based on an existing photograph manipulated in Photoshop, to which I have added a text in the style of the second category: approach and conclusion. These are some of the considerations I took into account.

Using a controversial topic of social, cultural or political nature. I have chosen the mayor of Vigo and his controversial plan to install mechanical stairs all over the city, ignoring environmental warnings and exhibiting a pride more typical of a satrap than a modern ruler.

The original image corresponds to the inauguration of one of the first electric staircases installed in Vigo:


I then cut out the figure of the mayor and reconstructed the empty spaces in Photoshop using the clone tool and copying and pasting a fragment of the structure into the areas to be repaired:


I changed the opacity of the white areas to be able to overlap the structure on a background image:


and in Sony Vegas I created a video in MP4 format where I included the animation of the mayor’s figure (using an animation transition that started from an initial position and size, to the final position and size) and included the texts:


Using another press photo to create the final image (the arm with the victory sign). Here there is a small color difference between the jacket and the arm):



Finally, I converted the MP4 to GIF using an online tool. This is the final result: