In the past – when photographs were printed – those that did not enjoy the privilege of being part of the album used to be stored in a closet drawer, a cardboard box or more notoriously in one of those beautiful metal boxes in which the quince used to come. Personally, I find it fascinating to browse through these photographic drawers and stop to contemplate some of the wonders that are sometimes found.

Today I start a blog in which I will compile throughout the year images rescued from the visual torrent to which we are exposed daily. Many theorists talk about an excess of images, there are so many of them and they pass by so quickly that sometimes it is difficult to find an image that provoked an idea or a thought. In this blog I intend to publish a daily image with a small comment or reflection that accompanies it. I will bring to this blog some of the images that the photographers and amateurs that I follow frequently publish and that leave a mark beyond the retina.

La Caja de Membrillo