Conceived as a space on which to represent the human geography of the Limia, I like to imagine these Cadernos as a palette in which are all the colors that animate this region of Ourense, and whose richness we will only perceive when we know in depth the places, the histories and the people: their lives and their options.

Yesterday I visited Baltar invited by Vitória (Vilar de Santos) who discovered the work of Nelson Zumel, a painter from Lima who emigrated to Argentina, in the Casa da Cultura that is called after his name and where you can find a permanent exhibition of his oil paintings. I debate between describing the impression that Zumel’s work caused me, exquisite landscaper and balanced in the use of color, with a audacious and different vision of the landscape -which I would dare to classify as “photographic” or about the passion and generosity of my hostess, who being herself an artist and from another place in Limia, convokes me in Baltar to talk about the work of this artist who claims: To leave the comfort zone, to see oneself as an inhabitant of an extensive community that encompasses something more than the town itself, to launch oneself to discover and promote the narrative potential that every corner of the Limia has, and to make of it all your life project does not seem to me to be very different from the attitude of Zumel himself, emigrant and painter of universal landscapes.


Vitória at Nelson Zumel’s exhibition held in Casa da Cultura Baltar