The photographic archive accumulates so much dust caused by distance and nostalgia that it inevitably gives its content a sentimental meaning and makes it difficult for the viewer to read. The artistic intervention on the archive offers a new opportunity: through collage, manipulation, juxtaposition or chromatic or formal alterations, new and unexpected meanings are projected, which break down that kind of temporary barrier that rises between the current spectator and the old photographs.

The work that Daniela White exhibits in her project “Memory” seems to me to be a happy encounter between the archive and the intention of the Italian artist – residing in the UK – to revise/interpret her memory. Although there is hardly any information on her page about the work, one can imagine that these photographs and figurines correspond to close relatives – or even herself – that the author combines with other graphic elements such as postcards, newspapers or posters. The eternal city is present as a stage before which the cut-out figures inevitably pose. Is it possible that the grandeur of the place exerts such an influence on people’s lives, annulling and twisting their lives in an emptiness that compels them to flee, leaving behind the banality of a space invaded by tourists?