Between the 15th of June and the 22nd of June 2019 the VI Edition of the International Festival of Instant Photography was celebrated in its new venue of Vilagarcía de Arousa, incorporating the Galician locality to a list of more than 20 venues with which this festival counts at the moment in Portugal, Rumania and Brazil. In addition to the 14 exhibitions that were on display during the festival week at Finca Fontán (Rubiáns), other venues, such as the Salón García and the Rubiáns Social and Cultural Centre, hosted screenings, talks and debates on photography.

Tere Díaz Charlín was the curator and organiser of this festival, an extension of the Avintes International Photography Festival, which this year features a total of 30 authors from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, France and Honduras. A vocation for the promotion and diffusion of emerging artists has encouraged the selection process of authors who participated in both the exhibition and screening modalities. The women’s gaze had a protagonist space with a significant presence of photographers represented by works that move from emotional discourse to documentary narrative.

The International Photography Festival of Avintes (Vilanova de Gaia, Portugal) was born in 2014 as an initiative of the documentary photographer Pereira Lopes. The main motivation of the iNstantes festival goes beyond the diffusion of the work of the authors who participate in each edition, promoting from the festival the relationship between photographers and photographic events of similar inspiration. Since its inception and under the direction of Pereira Lopes, the festival has been consolidated as one of the most important cultural events in Portugal, enriched with various proposals within the world of artistic photography, conceptual and author.

My presence in the festival included the exhibition of 16 photographs corresponding to the work INVASIONS, which formed part of Landscape’s Assignment 1. In addition to the planning and preparation of the work itself, the experience of the opening day has been very positive, mainly because of the possibility of interacting with the other authors present at the festival. A brief description of the day of the opening day can be helpful to get an idea of what was lived there.

A path of millenary stones, the rocks tanned by the wind and the sea of Adelino Marques, receive us on the outside: beings full of life and passion that anticipate all the energy that we will find on the inside.

Adelino Marques – Pelos Caminhos das Pedras


Jose Luis Gea received me at the gate and guided me in depth of his work “El Ojo Cíclope” -a master of black and white, and more than one eye I would say he has to capture how he makes the essence and gesture of the street.

Jose Luis Gea Arques – Ojo Cíclope

I was able to greet Paula Verde for a brief moment on the day of the inauguration ceremony. Her work has the same intensity as her commitment: it is a call to conscience and a reminder of how enriching diversity is.

Paula Verde – Recoñecer a Diversidade

In a hidden corner, I find the surprise of the captivating intensity of “Viuda ao vivo” by Sonia Señoráns (it is true that I was caught on that dark corner the same day I went to hang my own work).

64877189_10214981099787066_1364418626408415232_o (1)
Sonia Señoráns – Viuda de vivo

Manuela Vaz‘s dancers are an invitation to movement, spinning among those diffuse and evocative figures around that table where she shared the secrets of cyanotype.

Manuela Vaz – Dancing Memory

I knew about Silvia Calvo‘s proposal, but seeing it live was exciting, the subtle way in which the exquisite texture of rice paper was integrated into the sugarcane fields – a set of textures and transparencies as fragile as the nature that man mistreats everyday.

Silvia Calvo – Palabras

Adela Rodriguez‘s enchantments are a magical brushstroke at Finca Fontán, abstractions and colors that hypnotize the visitor.

Adela Rodriguez – Encantamientos

Without realizing it, we found Doniños Beach, Malena Carballo‘s proposal, shapes and colors agitated by the wind, a wonderful exercise of imagination and creativity that caught me instantly.

Malena Carballo – Doniños Beach

At the other end of the property, the documentary gaze of Jose Manuel Arsenio allows us to take a look at the art of building naval vessels.

José Manuel Arsénio – Construcao Naval… arte como oficio de vida

Alice WR‘s vision of Lisbon is intriguing and different, in a corner that invites us to let ourselves be enveloped by the textures and colours of the canvases hung by the Lisbon artist.

Alice WR – Narrativas de cidades – Lisboa

The proposal of the Gypsy Wedding by Jose Luis Gea, Jose Gálvez and Juan Antonio Gambín is spectacular, not only because of the dimensions of the exhibition, but also because of the intensity of the portraits -direct, deep and generous- that allow us to take a look at this social event of the Gypsy people.

Jose Luis Gea, Jose Gálvez y Juan Antonio Gambín – Boda Gitana

In the centre of the park, a surprise awaits us: the tiny exhibition space of Ana Gil, a wooden house from whose walls hang portraits full of pain and feeling.

Ana Gil – Aparicions

Almost inadvertently the circle closes, Tere Díaz Charlín proposes a beautiful metaphor about life full of evocative images: feet and firm hands on the dead trunk speak of that continuous rebirth that connects the old with the new. The fact that the wire cloth supports her work, at the same time that it lets to see the rest of the scape, the other  exhibitions, is an allusion to Tere’s generosity in opening the doors of her house to welcome us, to let all this INVASION of art and creativity be born in her own home.

Tere Díaz Charlín – Orixe Destino

In a corner of the property, one can found my exhibition INVASIONS, a visual reflection about the hard relations between human beings and Nature:

Blas González – Invasions

Pictures by Lestonnac Ibañez and Jose Luiz Oubiña