Thank you so much for your report.
In the following folder you can find the assignment pictures with the title included on it. I decided not to put too much information, only the English translation of the texts that have an informative function. In the case of the dypthic 2, I tried to mimic the silabic split of the Spanish text in the position of the translated caption. The same doesn’t seem to work for dypthic 1 and 3 (you can see them on the files with suffix B).
In my learning blog I’ve included a mention to my collaboration with the British painter Lotta Ellis, and the motivations of my project “Cadernos da Limia” (Limia’s sketchbook). I will publish the pictures of each of the paper proof that Lotta sent me.
Thank you so much for complete my tutorial notes. I’m not used to video tutorials, so far all my communication with tutors was written and my speaking skills don’t help too much . However, I felt very productive both our first meeting and the assignment tutorial. I think it would be more productive a written feedback, but eventually we could have video tutorials.
On the other hand, this year I have the feeling to be in too many things. Besides the agenda of the course, I keep working in a series of portraits for the second part of “Cadernos da Limia”, plus my colaborations as a writer for several photography online publications. Next week I will take part in the Photography International Festival of Avintes (Vilagarcia) with a series I did for Landscape first Assignment. After that, I will try to regain control of my agenda…
Thank you and kind regards