Overall Comments

An interesting continuity from previous modules which speaks to the development of a ‘voice’ for your concerns.

Blas’ notes from the tutorial (and tutor comment)

  • Using of the cardboard to convey an atmosphere seems to work very well in the first 3 pictures of the series.

There’s a metaphorical connection between the theme and the materiality of the cardboard


  • Because of the text are in Spanish, try to include the English translation in the prints as information for the assessors.

It doesn’t need to be extensive, just a fragment of text to give some context to each image when they’re viewed before the background is read in assessment. We can work on that in a tutorial.


  • Regarding the digital images: Although the whole series is coherent in format, experimenting with colour as a way to differentiate from the physical ones.

Colorize the first one? On the second one, combine the original picture of the woman in colour, with the black and white picture of the storks to convey a feeling of nostalgia. Maybe using colour in the background of the 8221 numbers. Try to experiment. The idea of the two separate parts of the assignment is to differentiate the experience of physically manipulated to work in the first part and digital manipulation in the second so it’s a good idea to consciously have a step change rather than create a continuity.

  • The first digital image does not strictly conform to the brief of the assignment, as it uses an archival photograph as a basis rather than an own picture (in fact, it uses an original picture of the decree).


  • Regarding the reading of the images: It’s interesting try to convey the attention of the viewer through a visually appealing image (example of Clive’s picture of cherries and wedding ring). The reading of the image could depend on the experience of the viewer.

This was in response to your friend’s critique of the text as an image element. Sometimes it’s an effective strategy to include elements which aren’t explained viz the wedding ring in order to detain the viewer by making the decoding of the image more problematic. So, as a visual element the text needn’t make sense of be legible.

  • Mention collaboration with other artist in the assignment. It would be a good idea to include one of the pictures in the assessment box. The assessor not only assess the work, but the evolution and attitude.


  • Strong conceptual research for the assignment and consistent presentation using diptychs.



Strong research demonstrating your previous experience and commitment.


Learning Log

You need another item in the main ribbon menu at the top, ‘Blog’ or the Reflections item should include a Blog menu item where you regularly reflect on the progression of your practice and your developing appreciation of the medium as a culture. Actually done in the style of what blogs were originally intended to be, like an online daily diary of one’s thoughts, ideas and responses.


Suggested reading/viewing

You’ve made a good start with this and are obviously an effective self-directed reader. Read the essential reading, commenting on some of the ideas you discover and then follow whatever trails present themselves which pique your interest.



• Commitment
• Research skills
• Attention to detail

Areas for development

• Perhaps be more experimental; trying other solutions and pushing ideas further once you’ve achieved the first solution to a good standard.