Double inauguration on Saturday 23 March at the Sala de Fotografía Sargadelos in Vigo: on the one hand, the exhibition by ourensano artist Rosendo Cid “Los ángulos muertos contienen una verdad inexplicable” and, on the other, the presentation of a new cycle of colloquiums/round tables around the artist and his/her work, conducted in this first edition by Xabier Xabier Fernandez, curator of the exhibition.

Rosendo Cid is an author of difficult definition: sculptor, painter, photographer, writer and above all collector of words, images and objects. Collecting as a creative strategy to propitiate the encounter with fragments of anything, which he brings together in his works to give them a new meaning, and which in the author’s opinion does not constitute appropriationism, as it lacks the intention that is recognised in this movement (criticism of creation, authorship, originality, etc…). The word as a sign is present in Rosendo’s printed work: collections of aphorisms that function as photographs, isolating the phrase from its context and pasting it into a new album of written images.

Rosendo Cid’s proposal investigates the creative process itself, its methods and its limits, presenting the spectator with an experience of encounter similar to that of the author himself, in a space where a priori it is not possible to predict any relationship between the objects found there. The spectator walks through the room over and over again and some small “triumph” makes him believe that he will unravel the hidden mystery of those arbitrarily placed objects, but a few more steps will place him again in front of the inexplicable. A sort of deferred performance.

Dead angles, corners and edges that invite the spectator to reflect on the conscious and the anecdotal of artistic processes.