The work NIHIL by Miguel Auria, finalist in the 2018 edition of the Galicia Prize for Contemporary Photography, will be on display until Monday 25 February at the Sala de Fotografía Sargadelos in Vigo, in an exhibition curated by Rita Ibarretxe, author of the notes included in the programme and obligatory reading to predispose the senses (and the spirit) for the contemplation of photography.

And I say the spirit, because whenever one faces the nothing, a feeling of transcendence comes over him, elements that the text points out when speaking of eternity and death -not in vain, San Juan de la Cruz sang to the Dark Night in his mystical poetry. I was disturbed by the overwhelming darkness of landscapes that can be guessed deep and dense, a territory that seems strange and infinite to me, that not even the hearing of the Largo of Mahler’s third symphony that he proposes managed to mitigate -personally, I produced a conflict of emotions between the serenity of Mahler’s music and the dark aridity of the images. Auria’s proposal is coherent: wrapped in a minimalist aesthetic built on black, each landscape, each texture is revealed in scarce and fleeting lines of light, which struggle to free themselves from the rough texture of paper and the black nothing that attempts to annihilate them. A sublime work – again in Burkian terms – that invites reflection and with which it is well worth spending a few minutes alone….

NOTE: The photos that accompany this text do not do justice to what can be seen in the room. The depth of the blacks is there deeper and the texture of the paper I sense is part of the visual discourse.